Why Turkey?

Turkey is well known with professional, reliable and cost effective health tourism services all around the world.

Health service and treatment costs are getting more expensive globally in recent years. It is getting harder to get accurate and cost-effective healthcare services in most of the countries all around the world. Turkey is one of the most preferred countries in healthcare services especially in aesthetic and plastic surgery.

World Class Health Service Quality

Health tourism in Turkey -mostly in Istanbul- is currently being performed in high quality, comfortable and accredited health centers and hospitals. These health centers are equipped with latest technological medical devices, healthcare specialists and healthcare staff. Renate Healthcare serves you by its founder Plastic Surgeons, dentists, and dermatology specialists in these high quality centers.

Accredited Health Centers and Organisations

Turkey is the second worldwide country by the number of Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited health centers and hospitals. Most of these centers and hospitals are located in Istanbul. Variety and number of these centers in Istanbul take attention in health tourism internationally.

Cost Effectiveness

Healthcare costs in Turkey are nearly 70 to 80 percent cheaper than Europe and UK. Turkey, especially Istanbul, is a cheap and good choice for you with qualified treatments in internationally accredited health centers. Istanbul, Cappadocia, Egean and Mediterranian coast are also available vacation routes only an hour flight from Istanbul.

Wide Range of Services

In Turkey wide range of qualified medical treatment services are available. As plastic surgery, hair transplantation and dental care procedures are leading helthcare services in Turkey, all other medical services are now available.

Easy and Short Waiting Time

Turkey is easily accessible by its location in between Europe and Asia. Istanbul is only few hours away from Europe, UK, Asia and Arabian Peninsula. By its central location Turkey is able to provide health care services to nearly 1.5 billion people.

Turkish Airlines is flying from all over the world to Istanbul and is a good option for healthcare tourism.

Touristic and Cultural Activities

It is an opportunity for you to enjoy more than 350 sunny blue flag beaches, important historical places and cultural heritage before or after your treatment.

Growing Healthcare Tourism in Turkey

Health Tourism is growing fast and getting more preferable year after year. In 2019 over 662.000 people visited Turkey for healthcare toursim.

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