How It Works?

Vacation and treatment Renate Healthcare.

Renate Healthcare staff and professionals serve you to get all referred treatments with the comfort of a vacation.

You can design every detail of your visit from your flight ticket to accommodation, from your treatment services to the touristic activities by Renate Healthcare. It is a pleasure for us to make your visit as comfortable as you need while offering world-renowned healthcare services.

What is the Roadmap?

Contact us for the treatment you desire by whatsapp, e-mail, and phone call or through our web site.

Get a free consultation and discuss the best treatment options for you according to the information that you shared with us.

You can manage the details of your visit with Renate Healthcare. Flight tickets, hotel accommodation, free time activity options are in your service

  • Flight
  • Transfer
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Trips and daily activities

Afther the detailes are defined it is time to visit Turkey and start enjoying a unique Healthcare trip.

According to the treatment plan, the procedures are performed by the specialized surgeons and medical staff

In your free time before and after your treatment, you can visit and enjoy the touristic places in Istanbul, Cappadocia, Egean and Mediterranean coast.

After getting the special treatment and aftercare services in Renate Healthcare it is time to go back home with the satisfying results you deserve.

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