Body Contouring

Renate Healthcare serves you to reshape your body for a more aesthetic look.

Renate Healthcare helps you to have a fit and beautiful look by special applications for each areas of your body. Here are some of the procedures served by Renate Healthcare:


Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty, is one of the most practiced plastic surgery procedures and the procedure is a well known technique among people. In this procedure suction technique is used to remove excess fat from specific areas as the abdomen, arms, neck, tighs, hips, buttocks. The technique can be preferred for other parts of the body too.

Liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure. Well known options like diet, exercise or bariatric surgery must be preferred for weight loss process.

If you have fat deposits located in specific areas and have a stable body weight you are a good candidate for liposuction procedure.


Abdominoplasty procedure is used to improve the appearance and structure of the abdomen. By using this surgical procedure curvy waist and flat belly contour is achieved in women. Flat and masculine core is achieved in men.

During abdominoplasty procedure the abdominal muscles are tightened with sutures, sagging excess skin and fat is removed. The regionally excess fat tissue is reduced with liposuction in the same process.

If the excess skin tissue is limited under the belly-button area, the “mini abdominoplasty” technique is preferred. In this technique less surgical manuevers lets faster recovery than full abdominoplasty. The Belly button is not removed and reconstructed in this technique.

In “full abdominoplasty” technique the excess skin is removed, the belly button is reconstructed and the core muscles are tightened.

A flat core, thinner and curved waist line is achieved in both procedures. Abdominoplasty procedure leaves unvisible and linear scar under the bikini region.

A flat core, thinner and curved waistline is achieved in both procedures. Abdominoplasty procedure leaves unvisible and linear scar under the bikini region.

Fat Injection (Fat Grafting)

Fat grafting technique is used for many purposes like facial rejuvenation, face and body contouring, lip augmentation, depressed scar correction.

In this technique the healthy fat tissue is removed from fat-rich areas like hip and core trough liposuction. In the seconde stage the fat tissue is processed as a fat graft and applied to the desired area with special techniques.

Unlike syntetic fillers, which diminish completely by time, approximately fifty percent of the fat graft lasts lifelong. Despite this achieveing the desired results usually requires more than one session of fat grafting.

Fat grafting has a skin regenerating effect trough the stem cells harvested during liposuction step. Fat graft can be processed and stem cell content can be enriched. This promises a greater regeneration capacity for rejuvenation procedures.

Brazillian Butt Lifft (BBL) / Buttock Lifting

BBL/Brazillian Butt Lift procedure is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in recent years. This technique is performed in two steps; first step is the fat graft harvesting trough liposuction technique from the core area and hips. In the second step this healty fat graft is injected to the buttocks. Fat graft injection on buttocks does not only have a volumising effect, it also has a significant lifting effect on buttocks too. By harvesting fat graft from the belly and waist this procedure promises desired feminine curves and slopes around hips and waist. Two birds, one stone!!!

A more complex surgery, buttock lifting, is a plastic surgery procedure to improve the shape of buttocks in severe cases. This procedure may be performed in combination with procedures like abdominoplasty, lower body lift. Buttock lift itself is not a volumising procedure. Various augmentation techniques like fat injection, silicon implants, and augmentation with flaps or syntethic filler injection may be combined with this surgery to gain volume on buttocks.

Thigh Lifting

Thigh lifting procedure is used to tighten and improve the saggy, dimpled appearance of thighs usually after weight loss. The saggy skin is excised surgically when performing this procedure.

The surgical incision and the scar line are hidden under the bikini (on the groin crease) or on the medial side of the thigh. Only the severe cases need an incision (and a final incision scar) on the outer side of the upper thigh. 

Renate Healthcare surgeons may perform liposuction as a surgical step of thigh lift operation.  This will allow the surgeons sculpt your thigh better and excise more saggy skin.

Brachioplasty / Arm Lifting

Brachioplasty surgery is performed to reshape your upper arm. The main two steps in this technique are liposuction and skin excision. Liposuction step removes the extra fat and skin excision step removes the saggy skin surgically to achieve a slim and smooth upper arm. The surgical incision scar is hidden in the armpits and medial side of the upper arm.

Surgical incision scar is an issue about this procedure but nearly all of the patients are happy with the results that they can wear slim fitting clothes with no worries.

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